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Amidst the chaos of a pandemic, a singular vision has emerged in the form of an experimental short animation film. A montage of raw emotions and timelines, the film delves into the waves of the pandemic and the ensuing struggle between mankind and nature.


The film opens with shots of the pandemic's onset and slowly builds up momentum through a combination of animated sequences and extracts from external sources. With an aggressive tone, the film takes on a language that's both subtle and impactful, inviting viewers to decode its hidden meanings.


Titled after a synonym for fungus, the film offers an answer to the question of who or what the actual fungus is. It speaks to the rat race that humanity is running, not amongst itself, but with nature. The film explores how we often undermine nature's power and how our actions are leading us down a dangerous path.


At its core, this experimental short animation film is a creative expression of a singular vision. It invites viewers to immerse themselves in its narrative, to read between the lines and to dissect the imagery presented. With multiple views, the film's nuances begin to unravel, revealing a thought-provoking commentary on the world we live in.


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